The novels and stories in the Bonaventure-Carmody sequence feature a large extended family of explorers and adventurers, the Bonaventure-Carmody clan. Documented in the pages of Cybermancy Incorporated, Here, There & Everywhere, Paragaea: A Planetary Romance, and Set the Seas on Fire, the family includes time-traveler Roxanne Bonaventure, Victorian explorer Peter R. Bonaventure, officer in Nelson’s navy and time-lost adventurer Hieronymus Bonaventure, WWI-era aviator Jules Bonaventure, jungle lord Lord Arthur Carmody, secret agent Diana Bonaventure, and research magician Jon Bonaventure Carmody, among many others.

"Roberson is developing a literary cosmology well worth further exploration."
Michael Berry, San Francisco Chronicle

The notion of an extended family of adventurers and explorers is one I initially encountered in the works of Philip José Farmer, and in particular in his Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life. The idea that different sorts of fictional characters might inhabit the same world, might in fact hang from the branches of one enormous family tree, was one that stuck with me through the years.

After Farmer, I also found inspiration in the work of three other writers: the von Bek-Beck-Begg stories of Michael Moorcock, in particular those in the collection Fabulous Harbors; Alan Moore’s pastiche/homage/commentary Supreme, replicating genre forms while analyzing and revitalizing them; and the generations-spanning Diogenes Club stories of Kim Newman, both those with and those without vampires.





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