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Hieronymus "Hero" Bonaventure

Full Name:  Hieronymus Bonaventure

Date of Birth:  April 13, 1781

Occupation:  Second Lieutenant, HMS Fortitude, British Royal Navy

Personal History:   Cornelis van der Waals, Hieronymus’ maternal grandfather, was a cartographer and navigator employed by Dutch merchants trading with the Japanese.  He traveled repeatedly to the Far East and back, learning some smattering of the Japanese language in the process, and helping to codify the quickest and safest sea passages to Japan.  His daughter, Adda van der Waals, was something of an amateur cartographer herself, and she delighted in helping her father in his work.  When Adda fell for a studious, pale scholar on holiday in the Netherlands, it came as a disappointment to her father, both because he was losing his daughter and losing one of his most able draughtsmen, woman or not;  that the scholar had been English, and that Adda would leave her home in the Netherlands to return with him to England, only served to compound Cornelis’ disappointment.

Jerome Bonaventure, the scholar who captured Adda’s affections, was the younger son of a family known for explorers, adventurers, and soldiers.  He had himself disappointed his parents when, opting not to follow in the family traditions, he took a post at Oxford as a lecturer in antiquities.  Somewhat frail in appearance, and introverted when out in society, with his wife he was the model of the ideal husband, and strived to be an exceptional father to their three children.  He might have fallen short of the mark, in the estimation of at least one of his offspring, but judged by his own lights he had done his level best.

Hieronymus Bonaventure, the first born of the couple and named for his father after a fashion, was raised on a steady diet of philosophy, myth and legend from his classicist father, and cartography, geography, and tales of adventures at sea from his mother.  By the time he reached the age of majority, Hieronymus had decided to reject his father’s plans for his future, and left Oxford behind to take to the high seas as an officer in the Royal Navy.  He soon made a name for himself, first as a brash and headstrong young midshipman, then as a somewhat more somber and calculating lieutenant.  By his twenty-seventh year, he was marked by a few in the Admiralty for a great career, could he only survive.

Known Relatives:  Jerome Bonaventure (father), Adda van der Waals Bonaventure (mother), Cornelis van der Waals (maternal grandfather), Cornelius and Claudia Bonaventure (siblings)

Physical description:  Bonaventure stands a few inches below six feet tall, and is slim but muscled.  His hair, of a light brown color, is worn a few inches past the collar.  On his left bicep is a spiraling black tattoo, like the “moko” of the Maori. On his left buttocks is a brand indicating membership in the family of Drift. A scar runs from his right eye, across his temple, to his right ear.

Equipment:  Bonaventure carries into battle a sword captured as a spoil of war.  A hussar’s light cavalry sabre, it was taken from a defeated foe during the disastrous Battle of Calabria, where on August 3rd, 1805 the British and their allies were routed by the French General Massena.  Also, Bonaventure wears on a cord around his neck a miniature globe, encased in a clasped shell of sharkskin, a gift from his mother. In a holster at his side, he carries a Mauser C96 pistol, another spoil of war.

Following his mother’s example, Bonaventure has become something of an amateur cartographer himself, and has been compiling maps and notes during his years on Paragaea.


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